Friday Night Lights

The TV series, gave Gray and I a little bit of inspiration. . . Moving to a new city can provide you with lots of free time, especially when you don’t have a job (yet). So Gray and I thought, “what better time to start a TV series and finish it.” Glad we did, but I’m glad its over too. I’m under the impression that shows with large amounts of drama are best watched on a weekly basis, not an hourly basis. The rabbit trail is now over, needless to say if you’ve seen the show, there is a character named Tim Riggins, and if I do say so myself, he’s a really interesting fellow. Gray and I really liked him and so the newest edition to our family was given the name Riggins. He’s the cutest little fart. We went on a whim one day to the Humane Society and walked out without a dog. If you know us this is pretty miraculous. If we have our minds set on something we don’t usually come to the end empty handed, but it was for the best because that day we didn’t even meet Riggs. We went to another place, but didn’t find anything there either. Mainly because all the puppies had some virus that didn’t allow people to see them . . . Eventually we came back to the first place and found our baby :). A two month old boxer/hound. He’s a handful, but we love him! . . . sometimes.IMG_9391IMG_9392IMG_9396

Having a new puppy includes lots of walks so last week we went to Paris State Park to walk around the lake. Riggs met some friends and I enjoyed the scenery.IMG_9405IMG_9410IMG_9413IMG_9419IMG_9423IMG_9431IMG_9433IMG_9436IMG_9443IMG_9445


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

  1. Francesca Couser says:

    1. the pictures of riggs MELT MY HEART! favorite nephew ever 😉
    2. your photos are amazing…seriously jealous of your photography skills!
    3. we totes need to visit that park when we come! 🙂 so pretty! Love ya, Ces

  2. melodycato says:

    Loved seeing the pictures! Can’t wait to meet Riggs. The park picture is amazing! Thanks for posting these. Love you!

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