Just a little bit of cheer . . .

I know it’s been ages, but life was so exciting and busy (in the best way) that blogging just pushed itself to the farthest recesses of our brains. But now we’re back, three weeks later, living in South Carolina, on our own, in our own apartment HALLELUJAH! The freedom is overwhelming at times. 🙂

Well there really is too much to tell so instead I am summing up our Holiday experiences with pictures. They are quite random at times, but suffice it to say, there was lots of family time.

Foggy holiday mornings . . .

1.IMG_9252 2.IMG_9258

The Couser Clan Wedding Company was in business, my mom did the food (with the help of Mrs.Roebuck), my dad was the officiant, and I was the photographer . . . call anytime for booking information 🙂

DSC_1750 DSC_1755 DSC_1723

She can’t decide what cookie to paint next, it’s a really hard decision.3.IMG_9260 5.IMG_9263

Oh Vic, who knows what you’re doing . . . love the face.


The finished product, mom was the judge and she declared her’s the winner, which is fine, they secretly knew mine were the best.7.IMG_9269 8.IMG_9276

So glad Nanny came out to spend Christmas with us, she was so helpful and answered lots of knitting questions.9.IMG_9278

If Macy was a person she’d be the ultimate tanner. She loves to lay in front of the stove and soak up all the heat.10.IMG_9281 11.IMG_9282

The green-eyed girl had to do some homework during break, sorry ‘nique. She’s a better student than I was.12.IMG_9288

Christmas Day dinner, soooo good, the mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows and brown sugar and the stuffin are my favorite.13.IMG_9292

Cato Family Christmas, it was so nice to reunite with all the siblings. This is picture one right after Grayson let one go. 14.IMG_9305

It was hard to stop laughing, but we got it together for the second one which turned out really nice!Melody2.IMG_9306

Christmas sweater buddies.


Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “Just a little bit of cheer . . .

  1. melodycato says:

    So thankful you and Grayson were back for Christmas!! Can’t wait to see all thats ahead for you in SC! I hope you keep your blog going!! Love you!

  2. Francesca Couser says:

    1. I love the background 🙂 and the picture at the top!
    2. this pictures are great…classics!!
    Love you!!!!

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