Birds Eye View

I’m slightly behind.

Yes we’re home, we arrived late Sunday night greasy and exhausted. I don’t know if I have met anyone who looks like a model after 20 hours of travel. If you’re wondering, that’s definitely not me. I wish I could say my sisters didn’t even notice, but that just wouldn’t be them. Sister: why does your hair look darker?, “oh yeah its greasy,” “you smell like another country,” (aka. you smell like b.o. and tiredness). Aww thanks guys it’s great to see you too! Except that isn’t sarcasm, it is soooo nice to be back!

But before I get too carried away, here is the last batch of photos from our time in Valencia, a little of this and a little of that . . .


Plaza de la Reina5.IMG_8421

The big domes belong to the Mercado Central.6.IMG_8422

A view of the modern part of Valencia.7.IMG_8423 8.IMG_8425 9.IMG_8429 10.IMG_8431

A look at the Catedral from above.11.IMG_843312.IMG_843413.IMG_8437

The tower we climbed, it was a good reminder of how out of shape I am . . .14.IMG_8438

The before and after . . . 🙂 lookin good babe.


Mario the cutest little fart. He was so entertaining.14.IMG_839515.IMG_8398

A picture with Mercedes!10.IMG_8407


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