More reflections.

In a semester full of being homesick and missing all of my friends, family, and comforts back at home, I thought it would be a great exercise for me to think of all the incredible things and people that God has given me this semester that I will miss here in Spain. I’ll start with the things that I’ll miss.

Most of all, I’ll miss the soccer. I’ll miss the fun environment in which everyone here is crazy about soccer. I have loved the opportunity to go to two different games and watch many more on the tv and in restaurants and bars. Also, I’ll miss the closeness of everything in the city. Even though I love to be lazy, it’s been great to walk everywhere. Unfortunately, due to the large quantity of food that we always had to eat in our host home, we still didn’t lose weight, but atleast we didn’t gain as much as we would have had we not walked a lot every day.  I’ll miss being this close to such beautiful, history filled buildings and monuments. There is so much history here with so many different unique architects who have created really cool buildings and cathedrals. I will miss the closeness and the accessibility to the rest of Europe. It’s crazy to think about all the different countries we’ve been in during the passed four months. Better yet, we haven’t had to spend all that much money (definitely a lot less than it would have been from the U.S.) I’m not going to miss very much about the food, but I will miss the tortillas de potatas here. I will also miss the ice cream here. It’s great! I made a pact with myself not to eat anymore a month ago, and it is going to be really hard not to break that pact in the last 4 days here.  I’m also going to really miss all the dogs. I’m not going to miss the terrible smell that their little poops bring to the city, but I will miss seeing all of them everyday.

I will miss a lot of people, too! Obviously, I’ll miss our host mom. There have been moments where it has been a little difficult with her as it can be very difficult to communicate still, but she has been great and is so helpful and easy to get along with. Next, I’m going to miss my teachers. I haven’t always loved all the work that we’ve had to do, (especially since in my mind I had already graduated, it was a bit difficult to come back into a full load of classes. I actually had more classes this semester than I’ve ever had before- going out with a bang!) but I have definitely loved getting to know them. I have had three very distinct, but all brilliant teachers. It was a great experience for me to be here and develop a love for learning. I’ve never liked school, but this semester I have really developed a desire to learn. This is a great thing for me because it will be very useful for me to continue on as I have a desire to learn and grow in my knowledge about God and His word. Hope you enjoy the pictures of all of them  They have been great! I will finally miss my intercambio, Rafa. It has been great to meet with him on a pretty regular basis. He is a devout catholic which is very rare here. It’s rare for anyone to consistently attend any type of church, so it was fun to be able to talk about God and the difficulty of living in a very pagan place. He also loves sports, so obviously that was a huge plus! It’s awesome how God worked it out for me to be with a spiritual, sports lover and for Jak to be placed with a sweet, married photographer. God truly does know what He’s doing!

I’ll also miss the guys from the gym that I have been working out with. I haven’t really talked to them very much as they’re always hitting on some girl in the gym or consuming their “get huge” drinks, but when I have, it’s been great. I have never spent much time in the gym, so it’s been fun for me to go to once everyday and be surrounded by huge dudes that I really don’t fit in with.  Since I have always loved sports, I’ve always been around jocks, and I suppose in some ways I am a jock, but I’ve never regularly been around this type of jock and it humors me. It’s fun to watch them look around to make sure no one else is looking and lift up their shirt to look at their abs or check out all angles of their bodies in the mirrors thinking that no one is watching. It’s a world I know nothing about as I look in the mirror to be depressed about my man chest or my love handles, but they look in the mirror because they have great bodies and simply like to look at themselves. It’s a crazy, different world that I will never be in because I don’t think I could ever devote myself for the time it would take to eat nothing and work out that much. I did develop a toleration for running here though, so hopefully, it will slow down my track to being fat

Hopefully, hearing me say some positive things has helped show the great aspects of this semester. It has been one of the hardest of my life, but it has been so beneficial and the things I’ve learned and the awareness I developed about areas in which I need to mature has been invaluable! Can’t wait to see you all in the very near future!

God bless!


P.S. Here’s a couple pictures from our closing time with our school teachers. The took us to a typical Spanish lunch, yay paella! I’m so glad we’ve met all these special people!1.IMG_8362

From left to right, Carlos our business prof., Jarque Gray’s history prof., and Christine our lit. prof.19.IMG_83644.IMG_8370

Below is the man who keeps everything going and the secretary who was also my personal teacher, Isobel.7.IMG_83805.IMG_8375 6.IMG_8377

P.P.S. We officially have an apartment in Greenville now! Yay!

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One thought on “More reflections.

  1. melody says:

    So fun to read those positive things!! Can’t wait to hear about some in more detail 🙂 Take some pictures of the dogs before you leave….curious as to what kind they are. Very anxious to see you in just 3 days now!!! WOOHOO! Love you.

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