Guilty, that’s me.

I already had my first wave of nostalgia. I’m thinking that in the next couple of days Valencia and I are scheduled for a couple photo shoots.

Sometimes leaving opens your eyes more than staying. I’ll miss big city life, I enjoy the hussel and bussel and the many people you avoid eye contact with on the sidewalk. I really like looking into all the tiny shop windows. Lorno’s the corner bakery always makes my mouth water. Pure torture is having to walk past that pastry shop going to and from school.

Walking, I’ll miss that too, not that I can’t do that in Greenville, but lots more of my time will be spent in a car. Thinking about cars, I think it’s been about 6 1/2 months since I spent a significant amount of time behind the wheel. Beware Xenian’s . . . 🙂

I definitely won’t miss feeling anxious every time I walk into a store as I anticipate buying something. Learning Spanish has made me jumpy. It will be liberating to walk into Walmart and know that I don’t need to wrack my brain and try to figure out what I need to say (and if I know the words). It’s “mas facil” to speak in English.

I am also aware that going home will mean changing some of the phrases I have on autopilot back to English. For example “thanks” instead of “gracias,” and “I don’t know” instead of “no lo se,” just to name a few. But hey, maybe I’ll change things up and just make those normal words in my vocabulary, I’ll just have to wait and see.

I guess in the midst of all these free flowing thoughts I’m trying to say:

Valencia, spending four months with you has been life changing and even though I am not sad to be going, I will always look back with fond memories. One day I promise to tell my kids about you. I will reminisce and laugh at all the things we learned about each other. Hopefully we can visit again as long lost friends in the not too distant future, we will have lots of things to tell because with the passing of time comes change, and though it is bittersweet to say this, we will not be who we once were.

So here’s to moving on and growing older with the ever present collection of experiences and memories that shape who we are!

Five days left (I’m not counting today, it’s basically over . . .)

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3 thoughts on “Guilty, that’s me.

  1. melody says:

    Love reading your heart as always!! Can’t wait to hear some stories in person though I realize that when you get back you may just need a chance to adjust/rest/process for awhile so will try to be patient :)…..(remind me I said that)

  2. Hey Jacklyn!

    Randomly stumbled upon your blog, it’s really warm and heartfelt, awww! 🙂
    I just wanted to agree with you on the anxious feeling you get when going to the shops to buy things and not knowing the vocabulary…. I’ve been in France for a little over 2 months and I still have to wordreference certain things before I go shopping to feel (somewhat) at ease!!

    Hope you had a great time in Spain!


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