Learning new things.

The master of anything involving sewing and making decided to share some of her knowledge with me this past week.

Mercedes has been busy making scarfs for all of her friends as Christmas presents. She likes to knit while watching her evening television shows. And because Gray and I like spending time with her we plop down on her love seat lift up the table cloth so that it covers our legs (she jerry-rigged a heat lamp up under the table, it keeps your body nice and toasty) and relax.

We used to play games a lot, but lately its been nice to chat, drink tea :), knit, and watch the voice/varios shows.

We often laugh about her cat, Nici (knee-see), who comes skulking, trying not to be seen, as she sneaks up under the table and onto Mercedes lap. If there ever was a scaredy cat, Nici is it. We make sure not to draw attention to her presence or she’ll hightail it out of the room. Grayson’s new project, code name “making friends,” has been unsuccessful until today when Nici let him pet her for 3 min. I tried to take a photo, but she ran under the bed before I turned it on. Maybe next time?

All that to say, nights with Mercedes are always diverting and enlightening. Since she made me my own scarf (which I love) I thought it would be nice to learn how if I ever decide to share the love with some unsuspecting friends. 🙂 The blue baby scarf was my test run before she gave me the pink and white yarn and let me loose (I think she thinks I love pink and I guess I don’t mind it). I’m still not sure if she’s letting me keep the scarf, I missed that in the midst of the Spanish directions . . .


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2 thoughts on “Learning new things.

  1. melody cato says:

    Very fun and beautiful!!! mmmm….maybe you can teach me 🙂

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