photoshoots (and all that jazz)

I just want to say the intercambios I’ve been able to meet with this semester are AMAZING! You already met Analu, she took the beach photos 🙂 but today you get to meet Maria. Maria and I have done a lot of laughing this semester. The kind of laughing when you laugh at someone, all in good fun of course! We have found that laughing is extremely necessary, especially when learning to pronounce words like “vegetables” and “comfortable” plus all the spanish words I try to spit out. We were both at the same level at the start which was crucial (I think) it gave me the courage to put myself out there and try. I’m hoping that in the future she’ll come stay with Grayson and I in South Carolina . . . we’ll see!1.IMG_8272 2.IMG_8278 3.IMG_8289 4.IMG_8305 5.IMG_8308 6.IMG_8315 7.IMG_8301 8.IMG_8271


One thought on “photoshoots (and all that jazz)

  1. Mariah says:

    as always, lovely photos!

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