The Queen of Hospitality.


You know you’re the queen when you inform your guests that after they leave another friend is coming to stay until Thursday at which time that friend will leave and another friend will appear and this is how it goes until Christmas and then after. The funny thing is she absolutely loves it, the fact that friends are constantly gracing her doorstep doesn’t tire her, quite the opposite it invigorates her. She claims that God didn’t give her brains, but he gave her a love for people. I don’t believe the brains part, but the love of people is evident. There is never a dull moment even at age eighty one. Her home is a testament to all the friends she has met and loves. Instead of fancy art, cards and family pictures decorate the walls. I felt very at home!1.IMG_80082.IMG_80093.IMG_80135.IMG_80186.IMG_8020

Grayson and I haven’t been able to play piano for what seems like ages! I was so nice to sit down and play. Catherine especially loved the hymns and I was more that happy to oblige ๐Ÿ™‚11.IMG_8151

One of the best moments was getting to skype my parents who met Catherine during their time in Aberdeen Scotland. It’s amazing to think that she has known me my whole life. She was constantly reminding me that my mother always had a bow tied around my little baby head, which she thought was ridiculous. I’m sure I looked cute mom.


This is when she caught me taking pictures, hehe. Isn’t she beautiful? I think so.13.IMG_8203

No wonder she thought Robinson Crusoe came to stay with her for the weekend!14.IMG_8142

One of my favorite things was the guest book. A lengthy testament to the fact that she loves people. 1) 1992, 2) 2004, 3) 2012


To conclude, just calling to let you know we only have 13 more days till we come home!!!! eeEEEKKK! Can’t wait!



3 thoughts on “The Queen of Hospitality.

  1. melody cato says:

    Loved reading this as usual..loved the challenge of Catherines life…loved seeing the pictures of Catherines house and the antiques….was scared at Graysons picture :)…LOVE the last picture and the reminder that you will be here soon!!!!! LOVE YOU!

  2. Francesca Couser says:

    jkasl;df;laksdj;flkasjd;lkjflaskdj;lfksajd I love catherine!!! ahhhhh I want to be in London right now! and your pictures are great as always ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait to see you soon!

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