The best smelling perfume.

I am content here in this house in New Malden on Connaught Road.

It’s like I’ve connected with some long lost friend.

More like an older mentor that has so much wisdom to impart to me.

I am encouraged here sitting around this small table filled with fancy silverware, yummy dishes and comfy conversation.

Encouraged that living the Gospel, living the life of a disciple is so worth it.

Is so key to truly living.

Have you ever met a beautiful person?

I don’t mean physically. I mean,

Someone who’s life is the sweetest smelling perfume, that lingers long after they leave the room.

Someone who’s every smile and kind word becomes forever etched in your memory and on your heart.

Catherine Evans is a beautiful person.

At eighty one years of age she has learned to live out true J.O.Y.

Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last. (her motto)

I find myself memorizing her every word and mimicking her every action.

I am completely captivated by her essence for she is wholly permeated with the best smelling perfume.



One thought on “The best smelling perfume.

  1. melody cato says:

    Amazing…I can’t wait to hear more about her and your time there!!

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