Turkey in Turkey, yum!

We had so much fun hanging out with Grayson’s cousin! Turkey is beautiful and unlike anything we have seen! I really want to go back. There wasn’t enough time to see even half of the city!

Turkish tea, my favorite, especially the glasses it comes in.

I’m not quite sure what he’s thinking about to be honest . . . 

I definitely know what this cute cat is thinking, “feed me!” and we did.

Our super fun tour guide/host, Janel! So great to get to hangout with her!

Entrance ticket to an extremely old church. The church has the largest collection of frescos in the world. That’s crazy because I wasn’t that impressed . . . sorry art lovers and art historians.

There are stray dogs all over Turkey! Janel was telling us that often people choose to “adopt” one or two of these dogs and many times these homeless pups have several people who feed them, they’re well taken care of.

These next shots are from the Eye of Sophia, a Mosque turned into a Museum.

Ancient cistern and the Grand Bazaar! Bought so many gifts here (on a side note happy shopping on Cyber Monday).          

We love you Janel so thankful for the time we were able to spend with you! Pray for you as you love all those millions of people in Istanbul! xoxo


4 thoughts on “Turkey in Turkey, yum!

  1. melodycato says:

    Loved seeing the pictures of course!!! Love the tea cup/glass…Janel gave me one 🙂 Now that you have been to Turkey we will need to go eat at the Turkish resturant at the Greene 🙂

  2. francesca couser says:

    1. Your pictures are seriously so good! 🙂 and im so jealous you got to see all that! It looks really neat!
    2. Did you take pictures of the baths on the outside of course 😉
    3. 19 days is it now?? Woot woot! And drink some English tea for me while you’re in London!!!!

    • JaklynCato says:

      Melody, that sounds great! I really did like Turkish food!
      Fran it’s crackin me up that you numbered your response, haha, love it! To answer, 1) Thank you photography is becoming more and more fun, plus I hope you get to go to Turkey one day, why not? 2) I actually didn’t get a picture of the baths at all 😦 it was raining and we were trying to get inside, but I’m pretty sure it will be forever imprinted on my mind hehe. 3) Yes 19! eeekkk! I can’t wait! I will definitely drink some English tea for you! xoxo

  3. Jim says:

    Very super cool pictures!

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