21 Days!!!!!

. . . till we walk out of passport control and into the Dayton Airport to greet so many special people!

I was skyping my parents and realized that we only have 21 days until we’ll be talking face-to-face!!!! The conversations about what we love about the Christmas and the yummy (american :)) lunch my mom has planned (that definitely got my mouth watering) will be in front of the tree instead of the computer. YAY!

Talking with them got me thinking, and I decided to flip back through pictures from Christmas last year and got even more excited! God has blessed me with so many amazing people. I keep thinking that the holiday season wouldn’t be the same without these people. I’m sure you can think of several people you can’t wait to cozy up with.

I will definitely be missing my two grandpa’s. I have so many memories with them around this time of year. Even more reason to remember and cherish those special moments.

Here’s to hoping that in the midst of all the business and materialism, you find time to slow the pace, take in the season, revel in the memories, and remember the true reason for the Holiday. I’m hoping to do the same, while ripping off the links on my “till I get home” imaginary paper chain.


P.S. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I hope your holiday was full of joy and thanks! I’ll share a little of who Grayson and I had the privilege to visit during the holiday later this week!


One thought on “21 Days!!!!!

  1. melodycato says:

    woohoo!! We can’t wait to see you face to face!! I know these next 3 weeks will seem like forever and will fly by before you know it….both will be feelings I’m pretty sure you will have. I will continue to pray for you….for sweet good-byes in all your relationships there, for strength of mind and spirit as you finish your schooling, for opportunities to continue to be God’s hands and feet to those you have contact with, for more amazing opportunities to see sights and people that most of us will never see, for sweet and romantic times as a couple in this unique time in your life and for times that God just overwhelms you with His presence and care for you. LOVE YOU.

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