Granada & The Alhambra

Granada was amazing, there is nothing quite like it, at least nothing that I have seen :). We took a train from Sevilla on Saturday morning and had Saturday to look at the city and then Sunday was reserved for the Alhambra. The city itself was neat, we ate crepes at a small restaurant for lunch, and checked into our hostel and did a little shopping before flamenco in the gypsy caves that night. That was an interesting experience to say the least, beside being told that the bus was picking us up at 9:30 when in reality it didn’t come until 10, it was an extremely entertaining night! Gray and I and two other Americans got nervous and took a taxi so we saw a different show than Cathy, Kevin, and Sara (our school friends), but it wasn’t disappointing. Sunday we slept in (much needed) and then made our way the the Alhambra. Here is a smallish description I found that I think explains what the Alhambra is and why it was built:

The name Alhambra comes from an Arabic root which means “red or crimson castle”, perhaps due to the hue of the towers and walls that surround the entire hill of La Sabica which by starlight is silver but by sunlight is transformed into gold. But there is another more poetic version, evoked by the Moslem analysts who speak of the construction of the Alhambra fortress “by the light of torches”, the reflections of which gave the walls their particular coloration. Created originally for military purposes, the Alhambra was an “alcazaba” (fortress), an “alcázar” (palace) and a small “medina” (city), all in one. This triple character helps to explain many distinctive features of the monument. (

I have never seen such detailed stone work, the time it must have taken hmm . . . can’t imagine! The gardens were also fantastic, I think most of my pictures are from there. 

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