Beach Photos

Those pictures I promised, well, they’re here. I’m so glad Gray and I got to be models for my super talented friend.

Analu you’re the best, I absolutely love them!

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6 thoughts on “Beach Photos

  1. melody says:

    Very, very fun!!! How great to have these to remember your time there!!!

  2. melody says:

    You look BEAUTIFUL Jaklyn!!

  3. Celeste says:

    so great!!! love them!!!

  4. Jim Cato says:

    these pics made me cry!

  5. kristen says:

    oh, jimmy james, you big softy 🙂 looooooove these pics. love.them. um….hello, almost kissing picture. wowser. HOT. woah. i almost blushed when i looked at it 🙂 haha. tell your friend she captured you both so well.

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