Some thanks are in order.

Four to be exact. Since November is the month of Thanksgiving it’s only fitting I think.

1. Dad and Mom and my beautiful sisters for calling and appearing on skype at the most random times. I have a confession, sometimes I dread answering the calls because it only makes it harder to say goodbye, but it means sooo much that you would take time out of your busy lives to talk with me and update me on everything that goes on back home. To hear you say how much you love me and how proud you are of me means so much. I’m shedding a couple tears right now.

2. Jim and Melody for your constant letters and support. Melody, just got the english version of “Nada,” already almost done reading it . . . you=life saver. Your gifts have brought a little taste of home to Spain. So exceedingly grateful for you both.

3. Kristen and Travis your package was perfect, extremely thoughtful and “right up our alley!” I had Grayson model all the things we got 🙂 He’s so handsome don’t ya think?

4. Finally, Celeste and Nate, just got their package today (and getting to skype with you was a definite plus) all I can say is, it was all so stinkin cute and creative (Nate must have been the mastermind, right?). Celeste the amazing DIYer . . . that’s what I’ve dubbed you. The thanksgiving mobile is my favorite, it’s already hanging from our fan.

I love my family I am so thankful that God put such amazing, loving, thoughtful, kind, generous, super special people in my life!

Love you guys so much!


3 thoughts on “Some thanks are in order.

  1. Celeste says:

    Kristen is so good with fashion! What a perfect scarf for Grayson 🙂 It reminds me of the scarf we used to make him wear for hair when we dressed him up as a girl when we were younger 🙂 We love you guys so much and are so thankful for you!!!

  2. kristen says:

    bahahhahaha…..celeste,…hahaha. all the pretty boys are wearing them in SF and i thought to myself….self, grayson would look super hot in that scarf. hahaha. geegolly, i miss my family. xo

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