No Internet?!!!

This afternoon we found ourselves on a search for internet. Our preferred restaurant had let us down, they don’t think their internet will be working again until sometime next week . . . bummer. So we took a jaunt over to Portland, an American Pub about 45 min from our house. Unfortunately Portland doesn’t open until 7 and since we arrived around 5:30 we had to look around for something else. 20 min later we found this restaurant/bar, kinda ritzy, artsy, and pricey, but it had fast internet 🙂 

We decided to head over to Portland because they have a dessert there that I love, but guess what, the internet wasn’t working. I swear (which my mother tells me not to do) that almost every restaurant is having internet problems in Valencia, or else we just aren’t having any luck. On our way back to the restaurant we had just come from we found “Off Broadway” a lounge with food and internet, and just in time . . . Gray wouldn’t have been extremely happy if we had missed any more of the colts game.

Before I got sidetracked here are some pictures I took on our way over to this side of town. Outside gym.

Don’t mind the next three, I’m just thinking about my future garden . . . 

The  Spain flag depicted in shrubbery, inventive.

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