Adios abuelo

It seems that this year God has chose to take both my grandfathers home . . . Pappy I pray with all that I am that you accepted Christ into your heart. I pray that you are being welcomed into Heaven with open arms. I will be honest, I didn’t know you as well as I would have liked, we lived in different places and even though we would visit you once a year, in this moment it seems like not enough. You were a good man, albeit one with flaws, but I think you would be the first to admit that. You taught me about Jersey, and maybe you’re right, it’s probably a better place to live compared to Ohio, maybe. You also taught me how to drive a golf cart and how to play electronic solitaire (which is the perfect game while your pooping). I still remember the time you took us to Disney, thanks. I am grateful God chose to make you because from you came my beautiful mother and from her came me. You were loved and you will be missed!

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One thought on “Adios abuelo

  1. melodycato says:

    I am so sorry for your families loss Jaklyn. Praying for you! LOVE YOU

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