Museu de Belles Arts

I love the fact that on Sunday, almost every museum in Valencia, including Museu de Belles Arts, gives free entrance to the public. Perfect! My Sundays from here on out will be full; church, lunch, museums, and homework (which I sometimes choose to forget about). The Belles Arts is about fifteen minutes from our house, and since today was a beautiful day, I decided to take a walk and visit the museum. Another fact, I love art. Statues, and ceramic are cool, but oil on canvas, that’s the good stuff! Lucky for me that’s primarily what I saw.

So I was slightly confused, I couldn’t figure out if we were allowed to take pictures or not, and I couldn’t remember what it was like from my other museum experiences. So, I took pictures when I thought we were allowed (meaning other people were taking them) and didn’t when I thought we weren’t allowed. I should have just asked one of the security guards, “Puedo tomar las fotos?” Oh well, I got some good pics nonetheless.

The pamphlet boasts a better picture of what the museum looks like than a picture I could take . . .

The building itself was gorgeous, very grand, lots of columns, and several “indoor” gardens.

Interesting view of John the Baptists birth (in terms of clothing and time period).

Depiction of the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus.

Dad if you’re reading this, what does the animal at the foot of the cross signify? I need to do some research.

All of these paintings show moments of Jesus’ life as told in the Bible, literally painting his story, I loved it . . . 

Tapestries always amaze me, I cannot imagine the time and effort it took to create this.

This next one is a political pieces, I just liked the colors.

The Couser girls? Fran you should have played the harp . . . fail! 🙂

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One thought on “Museu de Belles Arts

  1. melody cato says:

    So wonderful to be able to walk to such amazing places and to be in nice weather to do it as well!! Just a little different than Cedarville.

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