Valencia Parade

On Wednesday there was a holiday celebrating Valencia. The last post was a glimpse at our morning while this post is a long look at our  afternoon. At around 6 there was a parade (that lasted for two hours!) with amazing costumes! It was like we entered a different world. All along the street the city set out chairs for people to claim if you were willing to pay four euros, we were, and it was definitely worth it! I will warn you this post is super long, 50 or so pictures total, I just couldn’t decide what pictures to eliminate . . . You’re going to see everything that I saw, just saying.

Just a little play acting to start.


The Crusaders have come to vanquish the foe!

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2 thoughts on “Valencia Parade

  1. melody cato says:

    WOW….some amazing pictures Jaklyn. Did you have any idea what the different costumes represented?? I love the pictures where the people are looking right at you 🙂 I hope you got to enjoy the parade looking through the camera….I’m so glad you took so many pictures to share. It must have been an amazing sight. Was there much music or just the sound of their feet on the pavement and the movement of their costumes passing? Interesting to see all the pointed toed shoes…even on the men. Kinda like cowboy boots here I guess….

    • JaklynCato says:

      Im not sure what all the costumes represent, I know the signs went by I just didn’t pay much attention . . . There was a ton of music! Every different group of costumes had their own marching band. I would definitely go to see this every year although I’ve heard that it doesn’t always have the same theme so I wonder if that means the costumes are different? No se . . . 🙂

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