The Modern Part of Valencia

Yesterday we had the opportunity to trek The Rio (a river that runs the span of the city that is now a giant long park). Some of our compatriots from Cedarville wanted to take a couple pictures by the modern looking buildings that Valencia is known for. So after everyones evening class we headed out. The following pictures are from the two and a half hour long trip:

The gardens and flowers in Valencia are amazing right now!

I’m not sure what is carved into this tree . . . goat? fantasy goat? not sure, weird.

The crew from Cedarville Kelly, Mariah, Kevin, me, Gray, and Rob.

Trying out the band pose, the best part of this picture is Grayson, he steels the show! Ha.

Science buildings, Art museums, Opera Houses, Aquariums, a little bit of everything . . .

The sunset was perfect, soft pastels=beauty!

Creepy statue guarding one of the many bridges in Valencia.

Valencia is such a gorgeous city, I feel like every walk we go on my eyes are opened to so many things I’ve failed to notice or things I haven’t yet seen. It’s definitely been exciting. Well that’s it for now folks 🙂


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