I know it’s been awhile . . .

Sometimes I’m just not good at remembering things, basically all the time (thanks dad). It kinda stinks especially when learning another language cause you can’t get around memorizing, it’s a non-negotiable. Anyway, I have a couple new posts to add, this first one is a journal of our day on Tuesday. Just a little from around our house . . . I even snuck a photo of our host mom Mercedes. I’m sure by the time I leave I’ll get the guts to ask her to take a photo with Grayson and I, but for now I’m content to stalk. You probably think that’s weird,  it is. I just can’t figure Mercedes out yet, and because I can’t talk to her she intimidates me. Mmm the inner working of Jaklyn’s mind.

The table we eat on is right in the middle of the living room and we often eat meals while watching the TV. Only recently have we started to have good conversations. Mostly Grayson and Mercedes talk, but I interject every once in awhile :). Soup is very typical for lunch, this one isn’t my favorite, but I’ve figured out I like 5 out of the 7 soups we’ve been served, that’s not a horrible average . . .

Mercedes does a little bit of everything. She often sews, her latest project is a navy jacket I have yet to find out if it’s for her or her daughter. The dress she is wearing is her “house dress” whenever she goes out she wears something really nice, but at home she likes to be comfortable (and I think she has less laundry this way).

This is Mercedes cat who no one gives any attention to except when it “meows” loud enough for the whole apartment complex to hear. It’s activities consist of sleeping (on Mercedes bed) all the time, and occasionally getting up to eat. The other picture is the view of a sunset from the kitchen window. And last, a couple shots of us, we haven’t changed much :).


2 thoughts on “I know it’s been awhile . . .

  1. melodycato says:

    Very fun to see the pictures that show a little of your dwelling place. Mercedes looks NOTHING like I’ve pictured her in my mind!! I’m glad the cat isn’t aggressive. Siamese many times are…we had one when I was little that used to hide on top of things and jump down and attack us. Like the Spanish red lips!! Beautiful! Grayson you look handsom as always. LOVE YOU!! You will have to try to figure out the soups so you can make us a sample when you come back 🙂

  2. melodycato says:

    The sunset is AMAZING!! I hope you get to see that often!

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