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Quaint Cafe’s

Quaint cafe’s are perfect for web browsing, blog reading, and staying connected with life. “Cafe con leche” has become my go to drink and Cafe de Camillo, my go to spot. When a good cup of coffee is only 1,20 euros life is good. I just got to talk to my sister Francesca for five minutes before she headed off to clinical’s and then I was on Facebook liking my intercambio, Analu’s photography page. I am so excited because Gray and I are going to be the models for her pictures on Friday at the beach! I cannot wait. From Facebook I went to read one of my favorite blogs “Under the Sycamore” (thanks Frannie-poo for the referral). If you are looking for a good story and possibly a good cry I would encourage you to visit her blog. Ashley Ann writes like I wish I could and her story about adopting their little girl from China is beautiful. She is also a photographer so you might fall in love with her photography just like I did. Have fun reading (p.s the story is kind of long)!


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I’ve Fallen in Love . . .

with Flamenco music wholeheartedly and completely. I would love to be able to sing with so much feeling and emotion, I get goosebumps every time I listen to Nieves Hidalgo (side note mom: I’m adding Nieves to my list of baby names). Nieves is a contestant on the Spanish version of “The Voice,” and I am bidding my time until she becomes famous and I can buy all of her music on itunes! You might not like her as much as I do, but I haven’t met anyone who can’t appreciate her. I have listened to this song probably ten times, she’s the one in red, the other girl is great too, but for some reason Nieves stole my attention. Oh, she also won this round . . .

Surprise Photo

I got lucky today . . . Mercedes was babysitting her cute little grandson Mario and she let me take a picture. Needless to say, I love it!

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Valencia Open

When we found out John Isner lost his game and would not be competing on Friday we were a little upset. All you had to do was win two games Isner! Two, but it was not to be had, so with heavy hearts we picked ourselves up, got out of bed, and walked the hour long walk to the Valencia Open. With no Americans to watch we were disappointed, but not for long, athletes at this level are amazing to watch no matter who they are. Money well spent! Some of the matches were okay, but the match between the 12th ranked player and 5th ranked player (Ferrer) was sooo good. Fast paced, hard fought, lots of sweat, no really lots of sweat (I was glad I wasn’t the ball boys who had to keep touching those gross towels) and excitement. I am so glad we got some good photos I will definitely want to remember that day.

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