Living in Today

We decided that on our walk to school everyday we would be silent. Instead of talking to each other, we would spend our time talking to God. Due to our future plans and the place we are headed and their mission there, the Gospel has been a thoroughly discussed topic of conversation. With that in mind my prayer today went a little like this:

Dear God I pray that I would live in this day.

I pray that instead of thoughts like “I can’t wait till December when I will know so much more Spanish. I can’t wait till next week when things will be better with Mercedes. I can’t wait till next month when we will do some more traveling!” I pray that my thoughts would be consumed with anticipation for the things that you will do today!

I pray that I would live in the moment, giving thanks to you for all the blessing you give. Giving thanks to you for all the ways in which you reveal yourself to me.

I’m tired of living for tomorrow and missing all the good things that you are doing today.

I pray that this day, today, I would sense your presence in my conversations with Grayson.

I pray that I would consciously let the Gospel shine through me.

I pray that my behavior would reflect the love you have for my classmates, professors, and Mercedes, because my words cannot.

I pray that I would be filled with compassion for the people that I come into contact with, a passion the makes much of you and less of me.

Convict me of those sins that I do both knowingly and unknowingly.

Let the words I speak be from you and not from my sinful heart.

I need you today, right now, in this moment . . .

Lord I am your humble servant please use me today in this amazing story you have written!

It always surprises me when God answers prayer, and in those moments I am reminded of how small my faith truly is. And yet, I can thank God all the more because he continues to surprise me despite my lack of faith!

It just so happened that Grayson decided to be honest. A character trait I both love and hate! He pulled aside all of our (5) classmates from Cedarville and apologized for our behavior that had been un-Christ-like during our first few weeks here. We had been bad examples, we had been selfish and we had been constant complainers. He then invited our classmates to work with us towards living out the Gospel this semester in Spain (this is not to say that they weren’t, but it was just a public discussion of practical ways in which this could be done whether it be in our classes, in our host homes, or in our extra-curricular activities).  It’s amazing what a leader can do :). After we talked for awhile we all decided to share prayer requests and then we took the time to pray. With Grayson’s confidence and courage, I found myself living in today.

All of that got me thinking about all the ways in which people have been a blessing to me over the past couple of weeks. I found myself thanking God for those people. For Grayson

These are the flowers he bought me for our anniversary (which I absolutely love). Flowers that remind me of that day in December when he asked me to be his wife! He proposed at the Cox Arboretum because he knew how much I love flowers and botanical gardens.

For Mercedes

These are the bracelets that she bought me (Grayson was wearing his) for our one year anniversary.

For Melody and Jim

Who sent such a thoughtful gift. Spanish Banana Grams, candy, and a sweet note!

I also found myself thanking him for those little things in life like siestas and fans (that help us sleep when the house is too hot)

I have been so blessed, and today, like every other day, I have so much to be thankful for. I pray that today you would find those things to be thankful for as God works in and through you.



One thought on “Living in Today

  1. melodycato says:

    You are prayed for Daily! LOVE YOU

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