A couple memories from last week . . .

Along with a perspective change, several things happened last week both good and bad that looking back make me smile and laugh. As you all know, we celebrated our one year anniversary. On Sunday we found a Japanese Restaurant serving sushi, just what I needed to fulfill my craving. On Monday we found an amazing little Italian restaurant called La Pappardella. The restaurant is situated near the Cathedral and is a tiny two story establishment that is both cozy and fun. We sat on the second story and looked out a huge window onto the busy street below and reflected on our first year together. We have been so blessed in everything that we have been able to see, do, work through, take part in, etc. Life has been a whirl. We have owned an apartment and moved out, graduated, traveled with Heartsong all summer, made amazing friends and have been separated from some, traveled to several states and countries, and are learning a second language. Along with all that fun stuff we’ve had our disagreements and some trials especially with the passing of my grandpa. In sum, we have made many memories and are looking forward to making many more!

Life was pretty normal after Sunday and Monday, but Thursday afternoon right around four I puked my lunch out and I continued to puke every hour after that until twelve. At that time Mercedes, our host mom, insisted that we go to the hospital. A Spanish hospital, at twelve at night, were no one speaks English can prove to be a difficult experience. But Grayson did a great job at answering all the questions and after they took blood, gave me an IV, took an x-ray, and we waited for about an hour, we were finally able to go home at two thirty. Needless to say we didn’t go to school the next day. In the U.S. I would have waited out the virus and not gone to the hospital, but for some reason (I don’t know if it’s a Spain thing, or a Mercede’s thing) but going to the hospital seemed normal because there were at least three other people who were there suffering with me. And I’ll admit, the nausea pills they gave me really helped!

This is an entrance to the garden that we pass going to and from school. Valencia has so many gorgeous structures!



One thought on “A couple memories from last week . . .

  1. melody says:

    So thankful that your hospital stay was short and that you are feeling better!! Being sick in a foreign place can be very scarey!!

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