semana numero uno en europa :)

Hola, mis amigos! Echo de menos muchisimos! So, I had a whole long blog written out about numerous things that have been strolling through my mind, then I realized that no one (except my mom and maybe Celeste and Kristen) would read this if I wrote as much as I usually do. With that said, here are some thoughts from me, Pepe, my Spanish name, for anyone who feels led (that’s for you Will) to read about our adventures in Valencia! ☺
I learned a lot on our cruise. I just finished listening to the podcasts from Kyle and Jason, my future pastors, and their series on James and Galatians. Their emphasis on the Gospel at Summit is super exciting for me as I look forward to going to be a part of their ministry. I feel very grateful and fortunate to be going somewhere that stresses what I feel is the most pertinent reason why I even exist in the first place, which is to glorify God. The best way for me to do that is to give away my life and pursue others to do the same with theirs. I also feel very fortunate to come from a ministry, Heartsong, which has been teaching me this for the past 4 years. In many ways, my ministry won’t change as far as what they believe or even my function, I’ll just get to be with the same people all the time instead of seeing different faces every service. And, I love this part, I’ll finally get to pick my own songs and I don’t have to act like I’m not in love with Jaklyn anymore! ☺
With that said, the emphasis on the Gospel influencing every action I take has been one that has been weighing largely on my mind. It’s hard on a cruise to fight the temptation to just be lazy and self-serving with my time. I realized how selifish I truly am, even as Jak and I tried to plan out our days. Humility is such a bear to tackle in my life, but gotta pursue it daily! Selfishness is going to creep into our semester abroad as well! It would also be easy to take this semester abroad and just get through it to get my Spanish major and help Jak graduate. I’m sure this is something that I’ll have to fight daily, but I’m thankful for the motivation I have right now for that not to be the case. On the cruise there were workers and travelers from all over the planet, and if they didn’t speak English or Spanish I had no ability to have any sort of communication with them. That is so sad to me. They have tons of stories and they have personality and they have a need for Christ, and because of a stupid language barrier, I have no opportunity to say anything to them. That is why I’m here in Spain.
Right now, it’s honestly really difficult for me to live in the moment because I have so much anticipation about starting my life with Jak in Greenville; however, through realizing how much of a barrier language really is, I know how important what we’re trying to do really is. (I was really hit with this in Italy and France where I literally no zero words. I was reminded of how many times I could have spoken a couple of words to people in the U.S. but didn’t because I wasn’t fluent. If someone spoke any English to me it was helpful) There are going to be people, maybe a lot, maybe just a few, but people nonetheless that will be in Greenville who struggle to speak English, and because I know any Spanish at all, I can talk to them. I will be able to develop a friendship with them, and invite them to Summit. I can share what Christ has done in transforming my life and how He can change theirs, simply because I can speak a little bit, hopefully a lot in the future, of Spanish. Also, in living here and now, I hopefully won’t miss tons of sweet opportunities that I’ll have here that I would never get in the U.S. A big thing I realized maybe more strongly than before is how excited I am to continue to grow and learn as Jak and I pursue our marriage together. They say the first year is the hardest, and we’re about 2 weeks away from that being over ☺ It’s definitely stretching and I’ve learned a lot in the first year, but if that’s as bad as it gets, we can do this thing ☺ I know the next 3 ½ months is going to be crazy stretching for both of us, and especially being away from home and truly on our own for the first time, we’ve already begun to learn more and more about how we function both as individuals and as a pair. I think it is going to enhance our potential ministry in Greenville a lot having this next 3 months as an opportunity to grow even closer as a couple! ☺
This didn’t end up being very short, but hope it gives you a glimpse into what I’m learning! I’ll try to add some new Spanish words each blog just in case you want to learn along with us! ☺ My words for the week are from the blackjack table (Don’t ask me how I learned them! ☺ )
Monedas- coins
De mas- too many
P.s. we can check our email regularly, so feel free to email us or tweet at us anytime! ☺


One thought on “semana numero uno en europa :)

  1. k&t says:

    love you, booboos. and SOOOOOOOOO excited about everything you’ve learned already and will learn in the next 4 months. cherish every second. you never know what lies ahead. this may be the only time you two ever spend living in another country. i know it’s tempting to dream about greenville, but do your best to be all in where you are now. it will be over before you know it. there’s soooooo much to learn from being out of your comfort zone. it’s gonna get good. i know it!!! i’m psyched! yay! big hugs and kisses -nancy & tdiddy

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